EngageU, the newest European #FileMaker / #Claris conference, took place in Malmö earlier this week. 

Our two managing partners Stefan and Philipp were delighted to see their colleagues and representatives from #claris (Brad Freitag, Julie Sigfrinius and Robert Holsey) face-to-face again. 

Square Moon AB and ClickWorks have created a masterpiece with their first conference! 142 participants from 20 different countries came together to share their knowledge and expertise.

72solutions’ Philipp was one of 30 speakers and introduced our own approaches to anticipated challenges regarding the following topic: 

  • How to distribute the work in a 3-server setup between development server, test environment and productive environment?
  • Why is it necessary?
  • What can you do to not lose the overview?

At this point also kudos to Christian Schmitz and Russell Watson who are always great supporters!

Here is the video of the presentation.